Writing A Business Building Book – 19 Ways Your Business Can Change By Publishing A Book

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by Ana Rosenberg

Publishing the right kind of book can infuse new profit-generating energy into your business in many ways. Here are 19 of my favorite ones…


1. Reinventing yourself as a thought leader and a leading authority

Publishing the right book can re position yourself as someone who provides massive value and good will to your market place.


2. Becoming the go-to resource for your audience when they have a problem


3. Gaining media attention

When done right, a published book sends the perfect signals to the media that you are the expert they need.


4. Opening doors to hard-to-reach potential clients

You can sign your book and send it to your top prospects knowing that when done right, your book gives the people ready to invest in help what they need to see the value in investing in working with you.


5. Helping closing deals


6. Perpetuating referrals


7. Occupying precious space in your audience mind

Positioning happens in your audience mind. “To position” means “to place”. Your book will be in their bookshelves reminding them of the value you provide so that they never forget who you are.


8. Creating “celebrity” status

Many published authors frame their book and hang it in their office, for example. This creates a talking point for their clients (plus it builds their “celebrity status” while people wait to talk with them).


9. New revenues for your business

Published authors can make their book the center piece of the package they send to potential clients so that they can stand out from other people in their space.


10. Creating impactful introductions

You can always be introduced as a published author, which instantly gives your message credibility and the extra attentive ears and eyes of your audience.

As an example, this is one of my favorite introductions for a Leadership Summit I spoke at. Even though the adorable professor who introduced me was a puppet, the fact that I am a best-selling author made the audience pay extra attention to what I had to say.




11. Getting more speaking engagement

Speaking is a fabulous way to reach more people with your message. Event organizers, associations, networking meetings are looking for stellar speakers and your book can be the key to unlock their stages.


12. Saving time

When done right, your book can answer those frequently asked questions your clients have, freeing your time to working with your clients knowing that your book answers their questions, concerns and doubts.


13. Creating fee confidence

Your positioning as a published author creates trust and credibility that you have a valid solution to your audience’s problems. They also see as obvious that you charge fees in syntony with your capacity to help them.


14. Boosting trust and credibility


15. Increasing the number of people who say “yes”


16. Reengaging past clients because your book is a great chance to get in touch with them meaningfully


17. Staying top of mind

Not everybody is ready right this minute. You can still stay top of mind of those people that you know are going to make a decision at some point.


18. Collaboration opportunities


19. Attracting your best clients

When you publish the right kind of book, it naturally attracts people who are ready


BONUS TIP- In many cases you can put your book to grow your business even before it’s published.



Till next time, remember… your awesomeness is portable. You can take it with you anywhere.



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