How To Publish A Business Building Book For More Impact, Profit & Contribution

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by Ana Rosenberg

You are smart. You recognize the value of becoming a published author for your business. Do you have big ambitious for your book and your business but you’re a little bit confused about the publishing part? This article shows the options to publish a book that positions you as a Leading Authority in your space so that you can attract your best clients/patients/students.


Start by leading


“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way”

John C. Maxwell

Let’s clarify what we mean by starting by leading. It simply means to make the conscious decision to show people the way by becoming an educator and a champion for their success.

That spirit infuses a potent energy in the creation, production and publishing of your book.


„He who stands on tip toe

doesn‘t stand firm“

Tao Te Ching

This is not about narcissism, vanity, bragging or self-proclamation of expertise. That is not authority or leadership.

That kind of spirit infuses the whole book project with an energy of instability. It is not solid or firm but shaky.


Publishing Freedom

Can you guess what is my favorite invention in the history of humanity and why?

It’s the printing press because it gave the world book freedom. (The Catholic Church used to control books in the Western World until the press was invented).

Self-publishing has given Leaders their own printing press and their virtual printing press. (Yes, you guessed it right: the Internet is an invention as revolutionary as the printing press).


Option #1 – Traditional Publishing

Thanks to self-publishing there is no need to get restricted by going with traditional publishing.

The pros of “traditional publishing” – They have editors, designers, etc, etc, etc. and these are important parts of producing a book to be proud of.

The cons – You lose control of your work. That is one of the main cons.

More dangerously, in 99% of the cases it is not the most profitable option for a business building book because…

… the “traditional publishing” world is all about book sales, which basically means that the business owner should abandon their business to start working on selling their own book.

Yes. The hidden myth is that you will have to sell your book. The “traditional publisher” is not selling them for you. (In fact, when you submit a proposal to a “traditional publisher”, one of the main deciding factors is how big your capacity to pull the book sales cart is).

So if this involves you selling your own book (and losing control of your intellectual property), let’s have a look at book sales statistics to see what the money in royalties would look like:


“According to BookScan, which tracks most bookstore, online, and other retail sales of books, only 299 million books were sold in 2008 in the U.S. in all adult nonfiction categories combined. The average U.S. book is now selling less than 250 copies per year and less than 3,000 copies over its lifetime.”


Now, let’s do the math:

250 copies x royalties is…

… not much. It certainly won’t pay for your exclusive dedication to selling your book and being away from your business.

I know it is harsh but it is important to go into this option with the eyes wide open and the floating misconception out there is that authors are paid huge amounts of money in advanced to write their books, etc., etc., etc. That is not the case.


Option # 2 – Self-publishing

The second best option is self-publishing your book.

The pros – Complete creative control.

The cons – Complete creative control.

This is the same as saying “now that I have the freedom to build my own house, I will do it all myself”. We all know of at least one person living in an “unfinished” house or a house that is not exactly something to be proud of because they chose this route.

You are a professional, an expert in what you do, not in publishing so again, you have to leave your business to learn how to produce, create and publish your own book. (It is not so much the learning part of how to use Amazon to publish… It is more about producing a book to be proud of and getting it publish-ready).


Option # 3 – Publishing Through A Leading Authority Publishing Consulting Company

One of the best options is to publish through an Authority Publishing consultant who understands the mission of your business building book: more contribution, more profit and more impact achieved by you standing out as a Leading Authority.

The pros – They are professionals at publishing business building books so they can advise and guide you on all the steps of creating and producing a book to be proud of… and you still retain control of your work. You still have the rights to do whatever you want with your work.

The cons – The only one is that it is not free. Self-publishing is not free, either. (You might not have to pay Amazon to self-publish but all the work to produce a book to be proud of is an investment). Your business building book is an asset so it is fair to treat it like an investment.

The main difference when you self-publish is that you also need to make a significant investment of time to learn all the skills required. Let me give you examples of some of the skills you’ll need:

  • – How to choose a topic that attracts your best clients ready to invest in working with you
  • – How to choose a title that communicates the real value of your contribution
  • – How to plan and write a book that will be a relevant resource for your audience
  • – How to ask a designer for a great cover (a designer will include the elements you tell them to include but they are not book strategists)
  • – How to find the right editors (there are different kinds of editors)
  • – How to make sure you get the right kind of proof reader
  • – How to get your book formatted right
  • – How to choose the fonts for your book
  • – How to write the copy/description for your book
  • – How to launch your book
  • – How to make the media announcements
  • – How to put your book to work for your business

In both cases – self-publishing and publishing through an Authority Publisher – you will be investing money. The difference is whether you also have the time to invest in learning and managing the whole project. (For most people like us, professionals, experts and successful entrepreneurs it doesn’t make sense to spend time outside our business).


The most important thing is to make a choice: your contribution is too important to wait.


Till next time, remember… your awesomeness is portable. You can take it with you anywhere.



Resources & Next Step


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