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How to create websites that turn experts into Leading Authorities and get them chosen by their best clients

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This book is for you if...

- you are amazing at what you do and sometimes you feel stuck with your marketing and you struggle to connect with your audience and get your best clients.

- you if you haven’t found a way to stand out in the minds of your future clients lost in an ocean of people who seem to be doing exactly what you do.

- you if you hear the “I-cannot-afford-it” lament more often than the healthy dose.

This is what you’ll discover in this book:

- what the most costly mistakes experts make with their websites and how to avoid them;

- the questions your visitor really wants you to answer but they’ll never tell you about;

- what value really means and how your website can add value to your visitors in a way that makes it irresistible;

- how your visitor chooses and buys;

- how to cure the “I-cannot-afford-it-itis” and “someday-syndrome”;

- what exactly is an authority and how to position yourself as a Leading Authority in your field;

- why trying to manufacture authority is not the solution and what to do instead;

- how to solve the Harry-Potter-invisibility cloak problem;

- how to avoid bragging and self-proclamation and have your visitor perceive you as an Authority instead;

- how to give generously and grow rich;

- what it really means to bring your work online;

- the one piece of content that has authority written all over it and how to incorporate it in your website;

- how to deeply understand your visitor and create a site that resonates and superglues them to you;

- how to position your free information so that it is perceived as priceless and not drowned in the sea of all the other “free” stuff available online;

- the most powerful Authority activation triggers that you can include in your website;

- the secret of positioning yourself as a thought leader by adding one element to your website;

- the 1-2-3 sequence to create awareness about your work online;

- the pages your website needs to have and how to write them;

- the secret to attract more media exposure and interviews with a simple tweak to your Contact Page;

- the one page you have to include to position yourself as a Leading Authority without you every have to brag or call yourself the expert;

- how to use your site navigation to instantly activate your Authority;

- how to structure an About Page that exudes trust and credibility and superglues your potentially best clients to you and your business;

- the 5 secrets to tell your story for maximum impact;

- the oomph elements you can add to your About Page;

- how to leverage your website to position yourself or re-position yourself in the eyes of your audience;

- and more!