Helping modern experts & entrepreneurs with a mission and a message

build a profitable, sustainable business to be proud of

(by positioning them as Leading Authorities)

"People are always asking me what is the "secret" to attracting their best clients, getting them to see the value of their contribution and invest in working with them without having to be pushy or sales-y.

They ask why all the work they are doing and all the marketing strategies they are using don't seem to get them the results they were hoping for. The question often goes like this 'I'm doing everything I was told to do and it is not working'.

There is no "secret". It all starts with the position you occupy in the minds of your potential clients, collaboration partners and people who can gladly recommend you.

If there is "one" fundamental principle that I apply and teach successful experts & entrepreneurs when building successful businesses, it's the ability to position someone who can help people and has a message worth spreading - whether or not they already have a following and a reputation in a specific field - and activate their Leading Authority status so that selling becomes easy. People are magnetized and gravitate towards them. People want to listen to them. People want to trust them. People look forward to what they have to offer and happily invest in working with them.

It is about making your expertise visible to the people that you can help so that you give yourself and your work a fair chance.

You do good work. I’ll show you how to build a business based on your expertise."

Ana Rosenberg

Creator of Have It All Marketing & Authority Activation - Bestselling Author of "Chosen"

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Authority Activation turns experts and entrepreneurs with a message into Leading Authorities so that they can attract their best clients and do business on their own terms

Have It All Marketing System creates profitable, sustainable businesses to be proud of

Human Marketing turns offers into invitations that have people say "I want that" and conversations that have your best clients see the value and invest in working with you without having to manipulate, push or be remotely sales-y

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