An Engaging WordPress Theme Lets You Grab The Attention Of Pinterest’s 70 Million Users

… And Monetize Them Using Proven To Convert Affiliate Review Pages On Your WordPress Site!

Here’s the huge problem when it comes to making money with Pinterest.

Recently, they have changed the rules… and you can’t post affiliate links anymore. You have to link to real websites.

Obviously, affiliate marketing on Pinterest isn’t dead… You just have to be smart about it and create your own review site that contains your review… and your affiliate link.

Now that’s a nice idea… however in practice, it’s a pretty tall order.

You have to hire a designer who knows what they’re doing. Same thing for a HTML/CSS coder. Before you even start… you could be spending thousands.

However… there’s an easier way.

Instantly Create Pinterest-Style WordPress Review Site…

Pin Fun WordPress Theme

Now, here’s the smart part about this approach.

You could, in theory, use any old review theme and send traffic from Pinterest… However it’s been proven that having a site that looks very much alike Pinterest can multiply your conversions.

Make sales and build a list

This theme supports all the autoresponders (just copy/paste the HTML code) so you can not only make affiliate sales… but also grow a list that you can market to later!

Check out the amazing features of the PinFun Theme

  • Combine the power of WordPress and Pinterest – 70 million Pinterest users and the flexibility of WordPress
  • High-end theme – the quality of the review pages is pretty amazing… right out of the box! Plus you can always use it as  the main theme for your website or blog just because it’s gorgeous.
  • Untapped opportunity – combining the power of Pinterest with your own Pinterest-styled affiliate review website is a dramatically UNDERmarketed opportunity that you can cash in on now
  • Simple wizard-driven operation – to create rated reviews, just follow a simple wizard… you’ll be done in seconds!
  • Works with ANY autoresponder
  • Easy to customize – if you ever want to go beyond the functionality you get right outside of the box, you can customize almost anything easily
  • And much more!

So who is this amazing theme for?

If you want to tap a dramatically UNDERmarketed opportunity and easily create an additional near-passive income stream… you’re going to love PinFun Review Theme. You’ll be able to point-and-click your way to an awesome Pinterest-like WordPress website… that you’ll link with Pinterest to drive visitors and potential buyers to your website and your affiliate links!

Or if you simply want a gorgeous, professional design for your website or blog that creates an engaging environment for your visitors, then PinFun is also for you. You just can “borrow” all the design awesomeness of Pinterest and apply it to your website, eveb if you are not going to do any reviews or use affiliate links.

How Much Is This Amazing Theme Going To Cost Me?

Let’s examine some numbers and you’ll agree that the investment required today is peanuts compared to the value you’re getting over the lifetime of this theme.

Doing this on your own would easily cost you dozens and dozens of hours. And that’s just the time investment.

You’d also have to invest MONEY to get something like this coded, designed… and then you’d have to waste your hard-earned traffic to test it and maybe redesign it again.

That’s why you’ll agree it is much simpler to just get a proven and tested theme like this… set it up in seconds… and enjoy the results, right?

The bottom line is: “How much is it worth to you to have a fabulous-looking website with the proven engaging power of a giant like Pinterest?”

And since it only requires a small investment on your part – much smaller than dozens of hours and hundreds of dollars! – you’re going to love what I’m about to reveal.

For a LIMITED time only…

For a very short period of time… you’re NOT going to have to invest $297.95 which is the “street price” of a WordPress theme like this one.

It’s not even going to be half of it.

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But it gets even better…

You’re NOT Risking A Single Penny!

GuaranteeHere’s how this works. After you download this theme, put it to the test. And if, at any point during 30 days after your purchase, you feel you’re not getting 10 times your money’s worth… I want you to ask for a quick, no hassle refund.

Simply put… I’m not happy if you’re not happy. So if you don’t find PinFun INCREDIBLY useful and it isn’t directly contributing to your bottom line… I insist for you to demand your money back and I’ll gladly repay you every penny of your investment.

There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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