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Converting your visitors these days requires much more than just putting up an email optin page and saying “enter your email to get a free 10 page report on how to…”.

Even when all you’re asking is an email address in exchange for something… you have to establish yourself as a provider of value. Not only that’ll increase your immediate conversions… it’ll also persuade people (often subconsciously) to give you their best email address – which will increase your sales later down the line.

So how do you do that?

The 3-step system that most of the “big Pros” use is pretty simple. First your visitors watch a video… then they’re presented with an email optin page… and then they get some more juicy content.

Simple In Theory…

Problem is this concept is simple in theory. But the logistics of setting this up are a nightmare… and outsourcing the coding of a funnel like this can easily cost you hundreds of dollars.

Well, not anymore. This neat little plugin we have called LeadFun will let you create these 3-step-funnels in just a few clicks of your mouse!

Lead Fun WordPress Plugin

This is your chance to dramatically boost signups to your list

This approach is incredibly effective and is used by lots of the biggest sites out there… and the minute you implement it, you can enjoy higher conversions, too!

The best part is… LeadFun takes care of all the dirty work and all the techie stuff – so you can focus on the money making part of your business.

Everything is just a click or two away in your WordPress dashboard – and you can create unlimited funnels, too!

Check out the amazing features of LeadFun…

  • Incredibly easy to install – it’s VERY simple to install and requires no configuration to speak of, so you can be up and running in no time
  • Create unlimited landing pages – there’s no limit on how many landing pages you can create. That means you can split test, run multiple campaigns and much more – all without worrying about how to do the techy stuff
  • The “famous” 3-step-funnel – first, your visitors watch a video; then they get an email optin page; and then – your custom content… this approach will get you amazing conversions!
  • Full control – full control over your design, fonts and all of the content
  • Works with any autoresponder – add your autoresponder HTML form code and the plugin will do the rest
  • Easy to follow tutorial guides
  • And more!

So who is this plugin for?

If you wish to grow a bigger list, you absolutely MUST test the 3-step approach used by a lot of the “big players” in almost every niche! This plugin makes it incredibly easy… and it’s quick to install and set up. LeadFun is a must-have!

How Much Is This Amazing Plugin Going To Cost Me?

Let’s examine some numbers and you’ll agree that the investment required today is really insignificant compared to the value you’re getting over the lifetime of this plugin.

Doing this on your own would easily cost you dozens and dozens of hours. And that’s just the time investment.

You’d also have to invest MONEY to get something like this coded, designed… and then you’d have to waste your hard-earned traffic to test it and maybe redesign it again.

That’s why you’ll agree it is much simpler to just get a proven and tested plugin like this… set it up in seconds… and enjoy the results, right?

The bottom line is: “How much is growing your list woorth to you?”

And since it only requires a small investment on your part – much smaller than dozens of hours and hundreds of dollars! – you’re going to love what I’m about to reveal.

For a LIMITED time only…

For a very short period of time… you’re NOT going to have to invest $397.95 which is the “street price” of a plugin like this.

It’s not even going to be half of it.

If you take action right now before this special deal expires… your investment is going to be just measly $149!

But it gets even better…

You’re NOT Risking A Single Penny!

GuaranteeHere’s how this works. After you download this plugin, put it to the test. And if, at any point during 30 days after your purchase, you feel you’re not getting 10 times your money’s worth… I want you to ask for a quick, no hassle refund.

Simply put… I’m not happy if you’re not happy. So if you don’t find LeadFun INCREDIBLY useful and it isn’t directly contributing to your bottom line… I insist for you to demand your money back and I’ll gladly repay you every penny of your investment.

There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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