I get it. You want to get out there and help people with your expertise, not market your business but without marketing you cannot reach the people you’re meant to help.

Really committed coaches, trainers and consultants have even taken all sorts of courses and they still don’t know what their message is, they haven’t been able to unveil their brand or their “niche”.

For a very limited number of people every year, there might be an opportunity to have your marketing done-for-you. Marketing that reflects your unique mission and purpose and makes you shine, without you having to execute the tasks.

My private VIP Mentoring & Training clients have preference and the couple of spots left if any are filled by personal invitation only. (To find out if or when there will be a spot available, email my assistant Mary Robbins at


  • This is how it works:

Cookie-cutter marketing does not satisfy the standards of the successful coaches, trainers and consultants I work with because it is not an expression of their mission and brilliance.

You not only know your own business like anybody else. You are your business.

Therefore, the first step of the process once we decide to work together is a  series of enlightening and fun online Strategy Sessions to get essence of your business, your brand and personality.

A project manager is assigned your project and my team is in charge of the execution (ie they do the work we agree needs to get done).



Do you feel your business is not reaching its full potential and your mission in the world is not getting fulfilled at the levels it is meant to? Most probably the reason is your business model or the structure of your business, if you will.

If you are not helping the people you are meant to help, you’re not making the money you deserve or enjoying a gorgeous lifestyle, you need to revise your business strategy.

You have seen enough evidence that some other coaches, trainers and consultants seem to have it all but you cannot figure out how to get the same for your business…

I personally help a very limited number of clients with their business models, the systems and their launches. My private VIP Mentoring clients have preference, which usually means there are very few spots available per year. If you want to find out if or when the next spot will be available, contact my super assistant Mary Robbins at


  • How does it work?

You and I together determine what the best model for your business should be, what products you should be creating, where the best opportunities for you are, when and how to launch in a private online Strategy Session.

To find out if or when the next spot will be available, email my wonderful assistant Mary Robbins at



I had a Language Training & Consulting Business for over 15 years, including designing the training curriculum for large corporations like Citibank and universities and colleges around the world.

How to structure your products and trainings so that people actually get transformed by your work and become your raving fans is one of the areas that my clients appreciate the most in our work together and what makes them extremely successful with their clients.

If you know that you want to offer trainings but you are not sure how to design them for maximum effect and influence, you might be missing out in one of the elements that can offer the most leverage and impact in the world with your mission.

I can help you design your full curriculum as well as individual programs. There might even be availability for my team to do part of the execution as well.

My private VIP Mentoring clients have of course priority, which usually leaves very few spots available per year. To find out if or when the next spot will be open, email my super assistant Mary Robbins at



If you are a service-professional, like a coach, author, speaker, trainer, or consultant, you might be feeling overwhelmed by the online marketing part of the equation.

Technology can be specially daunting. That’s why my team and I decided to help you by:

  • Setting up your website the right way, which means in a way that both looks absolutely professional and works for online marketing. (Plus, the website will belong to you so you will always be in control)
  • Planning and developing your free gift, if you don’t have one already to offer so that you can attract the perfect clients and always have a pipeline full of awesome people to work with
  • Setting up your autoresponder so that you can capture leads and keep in touch with your potential and actual clients
  • Designing and developing your Signature System to help more people with your expertise and instantly position you as an expert. We actually help you discover your system and structure it in the most useful way for your clients.
  • Setting up funnels so that you can decide the path your visitor should follow after getting to your website for the first time. You can really help your visitors more, engage them, build a relationship and turn them into awesome clients.
  • Setting up your social media accounts, optimizing your profile and designing custom backgrounds to help you create the best first impression socially for your brand
  • Managing your social media accounts so that you can spread your message into the world, engage your audience and get awesome clients as a result
  • Designing logos, headers, book covers and other graphics that will always make you stand out and look your best
  • Setting up your blog, which will attract the right people to your website and instantly position you as an Authority in your field.
  • And more..!
  • This is how it works:

We get together online, you and I, for a private Strategy Session to help you decide exactly what you need (there might be plenty of things that you were told you need that are not even necessary or profitable for your business). Once we agree on the most profitable work you need for your business, my team takes care of the execution for you.

To find out if or when the next spot will be available, contact my super assistant Mary Robbins at

All the spots are taken for the first semester of 2016. There will be 5 spots available as from September.

If you would like to be offered the opportunity to receive an invitation for the second semester of 2016, contact my assistant Mary Robbins at

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