business growing ideas - Ana Rosenberg

Growing Business Ideas – 3 Strategies For A Cash Infusion

by Ana Rosenberg There are many ways to grow a business but our focus today will be on strategies that can generate a cash infusion fast for a business.   Strategy # 1 – Do More Of What’s Working This is a simple yet profound business growth principle. Business owners tend to get distracted trying…

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Getting New Clients - Ana Rosenberg

Getting New Clients – 8 Strategies That Work For Professionals, Experts & Entrepreneurs

by Ana Rosenberg If you’re an independent professional, expert or entrepreneur, getting new ideal clients is always at the top of your mind. And it’s frustrating when business strategies you heard about to get clients don’t seem to work, even when they come from successful, well-meaning people. I’m going to share with you my favorite…

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Getting New Clients Online – 8 Tricky Truths

by Ana Rosenberg If you are an independent professional, and expert, an entrepreneur you know that online is not the future: it is the present. You might be seeing your colleagues around you getting great results from their online efforts and wonder… how does it really work?   When I moved to Germany to marry…

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