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Would you like to attract awesome clients, make great money consistently and finally have a business to be proud of without compromising your values and integrity?

You’re in the right place if…

  • You’re a “People Helping Expert” – a coach, a trainers, an author, a speaker or consultant -  who started a business to do what you’re passionate about and enjoy the entrepreneurial lifestyle and independence.
  • You love what you do and you are amazing at it but you know that your business could be much more and your message could reach and transform many more people.
  • You dread selling and marketing yourself and your business because it feels inauthentic and sales-y.
  • You’re overwhelmed with all the conflicting information and endless details and you don’t know where to start.
  • You have tried all the tricks and tactics and it doesn’t seem to work for you. You are totally ready for real business principles and strategies that work for the coaching/training/consulting business.
  • You are willing to discover how to avoid cycles of feast and famine by creating a marketing system that provides you with a steady flow of clients.
  • You know it’s your time for something different and you are READY to be seen, respected, remembered and REWARDED like the expert you are.


I felt the same way when I started my first coaching/training/consulting business but I was not ready to give up hope. Instead, I decided to go out and find the solutions to the “profitable-business-with-integrity” mystery that would work for people like us.

It was not easy. From time to time I stumbled upon things that worked but most of the time the so-called “marketing tactics” didn’t fit into my very high standards of integrity and authenticity (aka there was no way I was going to descend to those levels in order to make a buck).

Since there was no system to build a business that I could use I decided to build my own. I called it Have It All Marketing because I wanted the system to give me all: an easy way to attract wonderful clients who are a joy to work with, a model that allows me to work smarter and not harder and provides for the life style I want and later on the freedom to live wherever I want, and more…

Imagine if you could…

  • sell and market yourself and your business with ease and authenticity;
  • communicate your value with confidence so that the perfect people for you say “Yes, I want that!”;
  • attract all the awesomey, high-paying clients you want and inspire them to invest on the spot;
  • position yourself as the credible Authority in your field;
  • build a profitable, sustainable business on your own terms;
  • simplify and automate your marketing so that you have an endless flow of people ready to invest in working with you;
  • get more free time and…
  • finally, feel the peace of knowing you can have it all in business and in life!


This website and the blog is full of the marketing resources, ideas and strategies I wished I had had at the beginning of my first business. It is marketing and business building for “People Helping Experts” like you and me. It is not general marketing, which will never be relevant to us.

The blog in particular deals with the online marketing part of your business and it has valuable strategies that work for coaching/training/consulting businesses. The strategies are presented step-by-step and are aimed at helping you attract wonderful clients and finally bring your work online if you so wish. (There is no “get-rich-quick-by-pressing-two-buttons” stuff).

I also put together a COMPLIMENTARY eCourse “Where To Start Building A PROFITABLE Expert Business To Be Proud Of FAST!” that shows you a simple and elegant system to start building your business. Just tell me where to send you the training below.

After you enter your name and email address, head to your inbox where you will see an email from me (Ana Rosenberg – Welcome message from Ana Rosenberg. Here’s where to start…)




And keep building a business to be proud of!

Ana Rosenberg

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